Robotic tractors and combines, working on a command from a smartphone, solve the problem of lack of hands and make farming more modern. They are used in precision farming, they can be hung with sensors and systems for recognizing weeds, determining the level of nitrogen and measuring the amount of nutrients. With sniper accuracy, they inject fertilizer and control watering. The companions are their best friends.

German manufacturers have developed a control system of two machines at the same time

There is always enough work on any farm, so it is important to use the time correctly. You can give the technician to perform tasks on their own, in the meantime doing work that can not be assigned to the robot.

The German tractor manufacturer Fendt has developed a system whereby the farmer sits in one tractor and controls both him and the second one, who drives in the next row.

The Japanese are struggling with the aging of the population with the help of robotic tractors

Faced with chronic labor shortages due to an aging population, the Japanese government is funding a project to create robotic technology. To carry out his plan for five years.

The main advantage of a robotic tractor is that it can be controlled from a distance.

It can be started, monitored and stopped remotely using a smartphone app.

Information is stored both on the smartphone and on the hard disk in the electronic brains of the robot.

On top of the robotic technology, you can install a scanner to go around obstacles and create field maps. For example, Japan has its own set of satellites to improve the accuracy of GPS signals. Thanks to the receivers installed on the roof of the Japanese technology, the robot combine sees the field within 3 cm. And in order to neutralize the reduced positioning accuracy due to movement, gyroscopes and accelerometers are used, which correct the operation of the machine.

With such gadgets, agriculture will soon finally turn into a sedentary job, without dirt, hard physical labor and other stereotypes about the village that we are used to.

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