On the modern tractor market, new models are being introduced with an enviable constancy, which are already being upgraded and already being launched into widespread production. Tractor equipment has become widespread in many areas of human activity. They are used in the forest industry and housing and communal services. Not spared the tractor and agriculture.

Novice farmers, who, at the initial stage, do not have enough money to purchase new tractor equipment, can purchase used agricultural equipment, the market of which, at the present stage, is overflowing with its diversity. Today, all agricultural tractors are classified according to the type of wreck and suspension, according to their purpose. Speaking about the classification of tractors in the agricultural field of human activity, it is divided into:

  • General purpose tractor;
  • Tractors universal propashnye. They are used for cultivation and crops, plowing …
  • Specialized. Such tractors are used in the cultivation of certain agricultural crops: hops and cotton, grapes and tea … It also includes land-reclamation tractors and mountain, swampy ones.

Classification of agricultural tractors by way:

  • Agricultural wheeled tractor;
  • Tracked tractors;
  • Half-track. In this case, the tractor can move, both on caterpillar and on wheels.

Mini tractor

Classification of tractors by type of frame:

  • Tractor frame. In this type of tractor used frame frame, which is made by welding or riveting;
  • Tractors semi-frame. Here the skeleton is formed using the transmission and spars (longitudinal beams), which are welded or screwed to the body;
  • Frameless tractors. In this type, the skeleton is formed by the shells of individual mechanisms.

Among all the above types of tractors, the most versatile are tractors on wheels. There are models that have only one driving axle, such as, for example, MTZ-80.1, and some models are equipped with two driving axles, Belarus 1221 and VTZ-203A. However, these models are not effective enough when using loose soils, or overmoistened soils. Tracked tractors are used on such land plots.

In addition to all of the above, all tractors are classified by tractive effort. In this classification, there are nine classes: 0.2 and 0.6, 0.9 and 1.4, 2 and 3, 4 and 5, 6. Speaking of these classes, each of them is characterized by certain plodding forces. For each class, manufacturers produce certain modifications of tractors, their basic models. For example, class 0.2 tractors. His punching force corresponds to 1.8 to 5.4 kN, and for class 0.6, it is in the range from 5.4 to 8.1 kN.

About class 0.2 strength mentioned above. This includes mini-tractors that are widely used in farms or are used in the fields of a small area. These include the tractor “MTZ-082” and “AMZHK-8” …

0.6 class (5.4-8.1kN force) and 0.9 class- from 8.1 to 12.6kN, and class 1.4, respectively from 12.6 to 18kN. This class includes such models of tractors as Belarus-320 and Belarus-923, LTZ-55AN and Belarus-422, MTZ-82 and KhTZ-2511.

2 class tractors

In this class of force is in the range from 18 to 27Kn. This class includes such models of tractors as the crawler tractor T-70SM and T-70V, new models of wheel tractors LTZ-155 and Belarus-1221.

3 class tractors

The effort begins with 27kN and ends with 36kN. This class includes tracked and wheeled tractors, which are used for tillage and transportation of goods, harvesting. Speaking of wheeled tractors of this class, then all their wheels are leading, which increases their permeability on loose soil.

4 class tractors

36-45kN. He combined a tracked tractor (“T-4A” – the basic model). Tractors of this class are used in general-purpose works, and the T-402A model is used for large-scale, energy-intensive work.

5th grade

The traction force of this class of tractors is from 45kN to 54kN. The K-701 tractor with a running wheelbase belongs to the base model of this class. This also includes a tractor on a track-mounted model “T-5” Donchak “.

The latest and most potent for class 6. This includes a tracked tractor model “T-130”. The traction force of this class of tractors is from 54 to 72kN. These tractors are designed for plowing soil and road works, land reclamation and plantazhny works.