The pneumatic wheel excavator Doosan Solar 180W-V is a universal construction equipment. This model occupies a leading position in terms of reliability and performance, since with its mass and overall dimensions, an excavator is able to compete with machines of higher class in terms of productivity.

It is equipped with a diesel engine brand Infracore DB58TIS, which is a proprietary corporation. This motor has a working volume of 5785 cubic milliliters. Rated power output reaches 112 kilowatts, or 150 horsepower.

Doosan Solar 180W-V represents the middle class of various special equipment.


This excavator is capable of a fairly large number of different types of work. It is in demand in construction, some industries, as well as in utilities.

Attachment Equipment

The versatility of the Doosan Solar 180W-V excavator is explained by the fact that, in addition to its standard equipment, it can also use other mounted implements in its work processes. Installation of the following equipment is provided:

Buckets There is a whole variety of buckets, designed to perform certain works. They all differ in their volume, size, and weight.

Grab buckets. This equipment is often used in the loading and unloading of various bulk materials. In addition, it can also be used for cleaning work sites from industrial waste and in carrying out excavation work with soils of the first and second density categories. There are versions with or without a rotator.

Front dozer blade. The peculiarity of this equipment is that it can be purchased not only in the markets, but also together with the excavator itself, since the heap is an optional equipment of the machine. It is applied in such works as leveling of the working territory, cleaning of production garbage, and also falling asleep holes, ditches and trenches.

Hydraulic breaker. Irreplaceable equipment for the destruction of any concrete structures. But it can also be used, as a rule, in the field of road works, for removing the asphalted layer of road sections, and also for loosening rocks and solid masses of soil.


In the pneumatic wheel excavator Dusan Solar 180 modified versions are not available. Some models using the base of this machine were released, but they cannot be called modifications, since they have dramatic changes in everything and are new models in the excavator line.

Special features

The manufacturer has provided a comprehensive work of the engine and modern electronic control system, thanks to which it was possible to increase the power characteristics of the excavator. In total there are two modes of operation, namely it is standard and enhanced. The mode of operation is selected by the system automatically, depending on the degree of load and complexity of the workflow. In order to improve efficiency, a system was introduced to reduce the torque of the motor. This is also done at the automatic level depending on the load. To improve the efficiency of working processes associated with the transportation of various goods, a special hydraulic system pump with a tilted cylinder block is used.

It should be noted electronic system e-Epos, equipped with a CAN switch. This switch has a positive effect on optimizing the operation of the power unit and the hydraulic system. Working as a pair, they allow you to set the required modes for operation and adjust the power characteristics of these units.

This system has the following advantages:

  1. Simple control.
  2. Automatic diagnostics of all units and mechanisms and a message about the need for technical inspection of equipment.
  3. Convenient use.

Due to the presence of internal memory, you can monitor the required characteristics during a long working process and determine the existing faults, as well as the time required to eliminate them.

Improving the efficiency of the power plant due to the automatic reduction of the frequency of rotation of the engine crankshaft.

In addition to all this, this system contributes to the rational distribution of the load, both during the working process and with the independent movement of the excavator.

The new location of the transmission has increased the ground clearance and the required level of safety. The transmission is located on the rear axle of the car. Also thanks to this implementation, the manufacturer has achieved smoothness of movement in the control of the machine with the help of power transmission. This provides the operator with comfortable conditions in carrying out any work.

A reliable, modern brake system is used. Disc brakes, working from the final transfer. Due to this, it was possible to avoid rocking machinery when performing any work.

To increase safety during operation, all the hydraulic cylinders of the excavator were equipped with special locks, which prevents the lowering of the bucket during a long stay of the machine in idle. The excavator’s cabin is quite comfortable, spacious and ergonomic. In addition, meets all the requirements for safety standards. A large glazing area provides the operator with a circular view, which allows you to perform any actions with maximum precision and comfort. The operator’s seat is mounted on a pneumatic suspension, which makes it possible not to feel strong shaking when driving on uneven surfaces, as well as vibrations emanating from the track platform and engine.

The controls of the working equipment have a rather ergonomic arrangement, namely, they are right at your fingertips, thanks to which the operator performs work without distracting. The basic equipment of the Dusan Solar 180 excavator includes an air conditioner, a powerful heating system and a special display that notifies the operator about the technical condition of the car. All this allows you to create in the cabin favorable conditions for work in different weather conditions. In addition to this, heat-absorbing materials are used, which also contribute to creating comfortable conditions. The Doosan Solar 180W-V pneumatic excavator can boast of its large operational resource. Since it uses only high-quality elements and parts, including filters. But it is worth noting that for a long service life it is necessary to change lubricating fluids as well as fluids of the hydraulic system regularly. Due to this, just the details and are resistant to wear. In terms of further maintenance, the equipment is quite simple and affordable. In search of the necessary spare parts will not take much time, and as for the cost, the price for them is acceptable.

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