The Dutch truck manufacturer DAF TRUCKS NV has been a structural division of the American PACCARD Group since 1996. “Driven by quality” (driven by quality – the company’s motto) cars are well known throughout the world. On the European continent, DAF is one of the “big six” of the largest truck manufacturers, competing with SCANIA, MERCEDES-BENZ, VOLVO, IVECO and MAN. For the American market, PACCARD trucks are manufactured under the Peterbit and Kenworth brands. For European sales, the name DAF was decided to be maintained, and the company’s dealer network now has more than a thousand centers located in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. In Russia, every tenth foreign-made truck bears the DAF logo. The trucks themselves cannot be called pure European products. Components for DAF cars are manufactured in factories in Germany, Italy, China, Spain and other countries. Paccar and Cummins engines are of North American origin. Cabs and chassis are assembled in the Belgian city of Westerlo, and the main plant and headquarters of the company are located in Eindhoven – the center of high technologies of the Netherlands. The assembly principle “with the world on a string” does not reduce the quality of DAF trucks. The design uses components and parts, known and time-tested global brands. High reliability of the machines is ensured by ZF transmission units, Sachs air springs, Knorr brake pads, Securit glass, Hella optics and Jost. A series of medium-tonnage vehicles that received the CF (Compact Forte) index was launched in 2000. In 2013, trucks of the CF family were modified, receiving an updated appearance and engines that meet Euro-6 standards.


DAF CF 85 medium trucks (familiar to domestic manufacturers under the name “Perspective”) are excellent for both domestic USA lines and international traffic. Various modifications are intended for use on the main highways, in city conditions, on dirt roads and building sites. The design of the car involves the installation of various types of bodies and equipment, depending on the intended use of the car.

Onboard and dumping versions are used to transport building materials, bulk cargo and agricultural products. Semi-trailer trucks work as part of road trains carrying industrial cargo, fuel and lubricants, containers, and food. Truck cranes, tank trucks, concrete mixers, platforms for the transportation of passenger cars, utilities and industrial equipment are installed on the chassis of the car. On the basis of DAF CF 85 several modifications of cars for participation in circuit and rally races have been developed.


DAF CF 85 are equipped with three types of cabs:

  • Day Cab Day Cab – without a berth, length 1770 mm, internal height 1600 mm;
  • Standard trunk cab – with one berth, length 2200 mm, height 1600 mm;
  • Spacious Cab Space Cab – with two beds, length 2200 mm, height 2230 mm.
  • The width of all cab options is the same and is 2260 mm, and the berths are 2.02 meters long, 0.73 meters wide and 15 cm thick.

The DAF FT CF 85.340 “Perspective” main tractor is fitted with a 16-speed ZF manual gearbox, which has a high service life and reliability. Spring front suspension, on two leaf springs. The rear suspension is pneumatic, four-ball. The brakes on all wheels are disc, ventilated, equipped with ABS and EBS systems. The load on the front axle is 7.5 tons, the rear axle is 13 tons. The frame is steel, of increased strength. On a frame with a pitch of 25 mm, there are holes that allow you to change the position of the seat with the help of mounting profiles. For connection with semi-trailers, a fifth-wheel coupler Jost 37 is installed, with a standard seat height of 1150 mm. At the same time, the permissible mass is 20.5 tons, and the payload on the fifth wheel coupling is 13.5 tons. Daf Trucks drive axles are equipped with a rigid locking of the interwheel and center differential with a mechanical drive. The maximum ground clearance is 410 mm. A fuel tank with a capacity of 560 liters is installed as standard. For dump trucks and concrete mixers, tanks with a capacity of 300 and 500 liters are in demand. Long-haul versions of long-haul trucks are usually equipped with a maximum capacity of 995 + 500 liters.

Features and operation

DAF CF 85 – this budget is not at the expense of comfort and reliability. In terms of minimizing operating costs, Dutch trucks have a number of advantages. For example, brake pads are suitable for all three CF, LF, and XF truck series. Front and rear hubs are also unified. The frame and threaded connections are reliably protected by factory painting and do not need additional protection.The cabs on the CF are almost the same as on the flagship version of the XF. The difference is that the cabin on the DAF CF 85 is a bit narrower, and the height of the engine shaft is 440 mm, while on the flagship the floor of the cabin was made even. At the same time, the working space of the cabins of two rulers is the same. One of the advantages of DAF CF 85 is a reliable cab suspension on non-lubricated press-fitted silent blocks. On the cab themselves, the manufacturer provides a ten-year warranty against rust for a period of 10 years. The ability to install attachments on CF and XF is the same. On the “Dutch” set the minimum number of complex electronic systems, often not working in severe frosts, in heat or in conditions of high humidity. This not only reduces the overall cost of the car, but also generally improves its reliability. In the basic version of the Russian market, the CF series is equipped with a dry Ederspacher hairdryer (Wabasto –Option) with a power of 4 kW. Optionally, a “wet” stove with a capacity of up to 9 kW is also installed, which allows the engine to start much faster without resorting to external energy sources and without overloading the battery. As an option, Russian carriers often also order a filter separator and fuel heating in the tank. In the process of proper operation of the DAF CF 85, the suspension does not rattle, and the springs do not crack, and the aggregates do not have any spills of technical fluids.

In order for cars to serve for a long time and without fail, it is necessary to choose the right aggregate base. If a 340-horsepower engine is ideal for urban conditions and low loads, operation on mountain roads with a load of 20 tons will inevitably lead to an early engine repair. The features of the operation of DAF CF 85 include the use of original spare parts and consumables. The hubs are designed to use “native” drives with factory fasteners that come bundled with a special mastic. Installing discs from other manufacturers leads to a sticking of the disc to the hub. Non-original brake pads quickly degrade the brake discs and at its destruction can damage the caliper. If we consider that the caliper costs about 1,200 euros, and the disk is about 6,000 rubles, the repair can “fly into a pretty penny.” The standard of maintenance for engines of the MX family is the interval of 35 thousand km. Factory recommendations prescribes the service interval for engines with the AdBlue system – 40 thousand km, for all other 35 thousand km.

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