Caterpillar D9 bulldozer is a heavy tracked vehicle. The debut car was introduced by Caterpillar Inc. back in 1954. A little later, a modified version was released, known as the Caterpillar D9R. This model has been significantly improved, as a result of which the reliability and safety of equipment has been increased. The most important difference between the Cat D9R and the base bulldozer is enhanced protection.

In the segment of heavy industrial equipment, this bulldozer is the most demanded, as it can boast of high reliability of the whole structure, low operating costs and rather large size. Also because of this, the car is particularly popular in many countries around the world.

In the 1960s in Israel, technology was used exclusively in construction organizations to perform heavy types of work. But later, the army became interested in a large weight of the car. The military seized civilian equipment and began to use the bulldozer in order to clear the wreckage, create fortified positions and make passes in various structures and fences. It is worth noting that after some time the company began to produce armored bulldozers as modified versions, but then only the power unit compartment, the hydraulic system and the cabin were protected. Later, the armor was improved (2000), with the result that the gross weight of the car increased to 65,000 kilograms. But the enormous weight was compensated by the fact that the bulldozer could withstand the RPG projectile.

At the present time, the purpose of the Kat D9R is quite wide. It can be used almost everywhere where the use of heavy and powerful equipment is required.

Equipped with a Caterpillar D9R diesel engine of its own production – Cat 3408E. In order to budge this giant requires a high rate of power. Therefore, the engine was equipped with a turbocharging system, and as a result, the maximum power of 354 kW or 474 horsepower was achieved on the flywheel. This engine, like many others from the manufacturer Caterpillar, has a special electronic fuel injection system into the combustion chambers, known as the HEUI. But if necessary, in the complete set of machines can turn on the engine with the absence of this system.


Caterpillar D9R bulldozer is an indispensable machine in doing various hard work in mining, agriculture and forestry, quarries and in the construction of large-scale facilities. In the basic configuration, the bulldozer has a wide front blade and rear ripping equipment, with which it performs such work as leveling working areas, moving loose and lumpy soils (including rocks), cleaning industrial and construction debris, as well as some earthmoving work. Without loosening the bulldozer copes with the soils of the first, second and third categories of density. With the use of rear ripping equipment, the fourth category of soil density, which includes frozen soil, rocks and compacted clay, is becoming more powerful. In addition, the bulldozer is used in the process of dismantling small buildings, in extinguishing fires and for clearing forests.

Also, the car was previously used for military purposes in Israel. The main purpose of armored models of the bulldozer was the evacuation of various equipment damaged in conflicts, the clearance of high-explosive mines and improvised explosive devices, as well as making passages in various structures and fences.


The operating weight of the base bulldozer Caterpillar D9R has a value of 48,310 kilograms. Full length including attachments is 6480 millimeters. The width calculated by the trunnions is 3303 millimeters. The height of the exhaust pipe is 3963 millimeters. The distance between the tracks is 2250 millimeters. The ground clearance of the bulldozer is set to 591 millimeters. The track width of each track is 610 millimeters.

In the basic configuration is equipped with a semi-universal front (SU) blade. Its capacity is 13,500 cubic millimeters. The width of the blade is 4310 millimeters. In height, it is 1934 millimeters. The maximum allowable depth of the blade has a value of 1422 millimeters. The maximum lift is 1014 millimeters.

The diesel power unit is also manufactured by Caterpillar Inc. This engine is known as the Cat 3408E. The maximum reachable power is 354 kilowatts or 474 horsepower. The unit is equipped with a turbocharging system and electronic fuel injection into the combustion chambers (HEUI system). A six-speed manual gearbox is installed in the pair to the engine, which consists of three gears for forward running and also of three for reverse running of the bulldozer. The maximum forward speed has a value of 14.7 kilometers per hour.The maximum reverse speed is 11.4 kilometers per hour. A fuel tank with a capacity of 889 liters is installed on the car. The cooling system of the power plant has a volume of 125 liters of antifreeze. The hydraulic system tank holds up to 77.2 liters of fluid. The features of the Cat D9R crawler dozer are a fairly powerful main frame that can absorb even the most powerful shocks that occur when doing any work with a fairly high load. An additional reinforcement of the design are the spars of solid-rolled production.

The onboard gearboxes are located on the frame rather high and for good reason, since due to this arrangement, the gearboxes provide maximum protection against various contaminants and impacts. In the bulldozer cabin there is a special design protection that protects against serious consequences when tilting the machine. This protection is available in all trim levels of the bulldozer. Also used noise absorbing and vibration-proof materials, thanks to which it was possible to reduce the level of noise and shaking in the process of work to a minimum. This made it possible to achieve maximum comfort conditions during operation. Some machines can be equipped with a special HEUI system that allows you to track all incoming signals and ensure optimal operation of the power plant. This system automatically selects the fuel injection settings depending on the type of load.

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